Suzuki Jimny Cabrio 2019, Review, 4×4, Usato, Hardtop, Body Kit

Despite never selling in huge numbers there’s an enduring appeal to Suzuki Jimny Cabrio that’s matched by a few other small SUV’s weathers that comes down to its super cool retro styling or its unflappable off-road ability is for you to decide but its market taste change and people demand more from their cars. Does the mini 4×4 still have what it takes? In a world dominated by SUVs and road bias crossovers a tough old Jimmy stuck out like a sore thumb but the 4th generation car has been most technologically advanced Jimny ever with class-leading off-road ability and vastly improved on-road dynamics. Retaining its traditional ladder frame chassis for optimum off-road performance.

Suzuki Jimny Cabrio
Suzuki Jimny Cabrio Images

The Suzuki Jimny Cabrio distinguishes itself with its tough styling and functional interior. The boxy body is slightly taller and wider than before but 30 millimetres shooter. As this car is mainly about off-road prowess that is exactly where we will start.

Suzuki Jimny Cabrio Off-Road Review

We took new Suzuki Jimny Cabrio through the forest to see if it’s as good as the old one. Every model starting with Suzuki Jimny Cabrio comes with all grip pro 4WD and a low range gearbox. We started with low range mode at some fairly challenging terrain where it was doing pretty well. So in the low range gearbox setting, you could hear the differential whining away ensuring you that it’s doing its best job, traction is also pretty good, ground clearance is excellent and the shorter sharper approach on departure angles really do give it an edge when the terrain gets tough.

Current owners will be surprised and some disappointed to hear that the Suzuki Jimny Cabrio has a few new techie tricks up its sleeve.

Suzuki Jimny for sale
Suzuki Jimny for Sale 2019

Suzuki Jimny Cabrio Kit

The latest Suzuki Jimny Cabrio is loaded with more kit than ever in fact including –

Dual Sensors Breaks Support
Lane Departure Warning
Traffic Sign Recognition
Six Airbags (standard)

suzuki jimny modified
Suzuki Jimny Hardtop modified

The New Suzuki Jimny Cabrio has a hill-hold system which will hold the car for up to seven seconds on the breaks. And it does away everything efficiently. The Suzuki Jimny Cabrio can be swathed between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive at speeds of up for 62 miles an hour. It must be stationary to engage the low range gearbox. The ladder frame chassis is said to provide a sold based for the upgraded suspension components also helping to protect the boxy on, particularly rough surfaces. Additional strengthening has improved torsional rigidity but it’s still quite a unique car to drive.

Suzuki Jimny Cabrio Negatives

It’s not the last word in technology. The analogue dials are pretty old-fashioned and everything down here looks fairly basic but top-spec cars do get a touchscreen infotainment system with sat-nav apple car play and android auto. But in 2019 Suzuki can no longer pitch Jimny as a one-trick pony. The dinky 4×4 need to be as capable on the road as it off-road.

Suzuki Jimny Cabrio Competition

It’s hard to pick the direct rivals for the new Suzuki Jimny while underneath it clearly has more in common with a Jeep Wrangler. In reality, it’s pitched alongside more Road bias crossovers like Renault Capture and Hyundai Kona. It is the closest competitor is the Dutch Duster but that car can’t come close for retro appeal and desirability.

Suzuki Jimny Cabrio Interior

The interior is quite tight but you don’t have the same problem you have with Land Rover Defender. They have made it quite economically friendly, there are places to put your arms, there are places to put your cups. The visibility is also good.

suzuki jimny Cabrio interior
Suzuki Jimny Cabrio Interior

The entry-level Suzuki Jimny CPM with air conditioning, cruise control, DAV radio and Bluetooth. The more lavishly equipped car like Suzuki Jimny Cabrio gets rear privacy glass climate control and heated seats. Most of you will pick the car depending on the pricing. But Suzuki Jimny Cabrio appears to add a number of items many buyers will consider essential in this part of the market.

Suzuki Jimny Cabrio Engine Option

Suzuki Jimny will come with just one engine option and things are likely to stay that way for some time. The sole 1.5 litres naturally aspirated petrol engine produces 100 horsepower and 130 Newton meters of torque. It can do for 0 to 62 in around 13 seconds.