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The all-new Suzuki Jimny Ranger is here and today we are going to talk about five things you really must know about this small SUV. And remember if you’re in the market of small SUV or any other new car check out details now.

Suzuki Jimny Ranger
Suzuki Jimny Ranger Image

Top 5 Things About Suzuki Jimny Ranger

Suzuki Jimny Ranger Handling

Firstly thing you need to know about the Jimmy is that it’s a proper old-school 4×4 underneath that means a separate ladder frame chassis live axles front and rear and long travel coil spring suspension. The great think about that is that this thing should prove to be virtually unstoppable off-road. The bad news is that on the road it’s really compromised. So we’ll start with a steering which is designed to stop kickback on rough and rutted tracks. So that’s great but on the road, you can move it an awful lot before anything really happens.

Now that means it can be a little bit tricky to place it on the road at speed. The soft spring also means that if you get to a corner you get lots of body roll. It a point it feels like a ship in a sail. Now if you get a few imperfections and potholes it does patter around and start to get a little bit upset but actually on smooth roads it lot ups along quite comfortably. Your head does get thrown around a little bit but actually, it’s not too bad

Suzuki Jimny Ranger Engine

The more of a problem is the engine. The little 1.5-litre petrol engine really is very vocal and the cabin feels noisy. It has a couple that with a 5-speed rather than a six-speed gearbox and you’ve got a car that at sixty miles an hour it will pull 3,000 rpm and making an awful lot of racket in the process. If we pull it on motorway speed it would not be particularly pleasant at whatsoever. The engine might be guff but what’s it like when you put your foot down, it get very noisy and it will hit 60 miles an hour in 13 seconds. We know that Suzuki Jimny Ranger is undefined doesn’t like corners and he’s at least for the most part quite comfortable not a particularly brilliant road car in other words.

Suzuki Jimny Ranger Off-Road

Now its time to know how it performs into its natural habitat and that’s off-road. So the ladder frame chassis the live front and rear axles and that three link suspension mean that thought tiny is a very capable off-roader. The suspension is always working hard to keep all four tyres absolutely planted on the ground and it’s also got electronic diff locks that basically nip at the breaks to stop wheels from spinning. The high ground clearance and chunky tyres that you’re not worried about grounding it out and that four-wheel drive system does mean it pulls up in kind very easily. It does feel like we’re only scratching the surface of what the Suzuki Jimny Ranger is capable of.

Suzuki Jimny off road
Suzuki Jimny Ranger Off road

A Dacia Duster may be very good and probably a little bit cheaper than this but event that doesn’t have the same level of wheel articulation this has. All the low ration gearbox that makes crawling along rough terrains quite tricky pretty easy. After trying the Suzuki Jimny Ranger off road for a while there’s no doubt that this is a very impressive little 4×4 machine. The way it can cope with steep ascents and descents and forwards quite deep water was going over pretty easily. It is really impressive and if you do need genuine four-wheel drive capabilities there really isn’t anything this price point to beat it.

Suzuki Jimny Ranger Cabin Space

When you step inside the Suzuki Jimny Ranger there’s ample room for a couple of adults up front. But there no armrest padding on left or centre of the small jeep. In teams of the driving position, it is worth mentioning that the steering wheel adjusts up and down but doesn’t come in and out which could be problematic for some taller drivers. What is good if you’ve got a couple of cup holders in the middle. The club box is big enough for the manual.

Grap all interior images of Suzuki Jimny

You will get tough grab handle for your passenger, a nice shelf in the middle of the dash to keep your cell phone complete with a USB port for charging and a 12V socket as well. The climate and fan controls are quite chunky so you can use them with a gloved hand apparently. The infotainment isn’t quite as impressive so it looks very aftermarket in its design. As far as the quality of the interior is concerned it’s solidly put together but you’ll notice a lot of scratchy plastics that don’t look particularly attractive. But then given that this is likely to be a seventeen thousand pound car and comes with all that off-road hardware underneath that has to be corner cut somewhere.

Suzuki Jimny Ranger Seats

The Suzuki Jimny Ranger is a strict four-seater with a 50/50 split rear bench strangely for this size of car you can actually reline the rear seats to give you a bit more headroom or to let your passengers have a snooze now. The seats are covered in a hard wearing plastic material but does mean your luggage slides around all over the place if you do corner enthusiastically.

Suzuki Jimny Ranger Review

suzuki jimny 4th generation
Suzuki Jimny 4th Generation Images

The Suzuki Jimny Ranger is built like a proper 4×4 underneath which means it really is very accomplished in the rough stuff now that does mean it is compromised on the road but that is to be expected with a lot of frame chassis and live axles. Now inside it looks pretty funky but it is cheap but very hard wearing. We dare say that 20 years on a farm and it’s still going to be much the same inside as it is now just a bit grabby up however what is a problem is rear space now. The front there’s enough room for a couple of adults but the rear seats are best left for children and the boot is a bit of a joke if we’re honest if you want to know our full verdict on the Suzuki Jimny 4th generation.

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