Suzuki Jimny 2018 Interior, Exterior and 4×4 Review

suzuki jimny

Let’s start with Suzuki Jimny Car design first. Look at it once and you will find cool factor 360 degree around the car. It looks like Land Rover Defender and a Mercedes G Wagon when off-roading for a bit of rough and tumble and didn’t wear any protection. The result was nine months later when Suzuki Jimny appeared. It’s just a cool little thing, in fact, it’s so small it could probably fit in a normal full-size SUVs boot. So in terms of length, it’s only 3.6 meters, width wide 1.6 meters but it’s still pretty high, its 1.7 meters tall.

suzuki jimny
Suzuki Jimny 2018

It is such an interesting looking car. The Suzuki Jimny has a bit of a cult following. It first went on sale in 1970 as a tiny car you could drive literally anywhere. The Mach 2 was introduced in 1981 and Mach 3 in 1998 each remaining faithful to the initial concept. It worked for Suzuki and almost 3 million Suzuki Jimny sold worldwide.

It has various design features from the old Suzuki Jimny which features on this car now. You won’t know them unless you’re a complete lover of Jimny.

Suzuki Jimny USA

The round headlamps lights are just like on the original first generation Suzuki Jimny. But this time it is available with high tech modern LEDs. You will find mimic slits that are on the side at the bonnet of the mach 2. The rectangular sections on the grille mimic those of the grille of the Mach 3. As with all previous Suzuki Jimny’s, there is a full-size spare wheel on the tailgate. This isn’t the only way the new Suzuki Jimny is faithful to its predecessors. As before it’s specifically built as a proper 4×4.

Suzuki Jimny USA
Suzuki Jimny USA 2018

The new Suzuki Jimny is the real deal even though it looks more like a fashion statement than ever before. But is it as practical to live with is something less hardcore. Practically, it does not particularly easy to open it in tight space because it sticks out a long way. The actual volume is around 85 litres. So if you want to carry anything you have to go into two-seater mode to increase the capacity of the boot.

The side door is almost as big as tailgates but there’s only two so getting into the rear seats isn’t the easiest. The Suzuki Jimny is a bit tight on rear legroom. It has only space of two passengers at the rear.

Suzuki Jimny Interior

It’s very boxy, it’s very square but it’s still really small. Even inside everything is finished with a straight line and squared off edges it’s designed to be tough and durable rather than particularly or practical. The interior is quite tight but you don’t have the same problem in Land Rover Defender. They made it quite economically friendly, there are lots of places to put your arms and places for your cups.

suzuki jimny interior
Suzuki Jimny Interior Image

The interior ambience looks dark because all the trim is black. Suzuki said in their press brochure that they’ve done that because they didn’t want any interior colours which might distract the driver. The basic reason was to cut the cost down.

suzuki jimny interior images

The entry-level car with come with air conditioning, cruise control, DAV radio and Bluetooth. The more lavishly equipped cars gain rear privacy glass climate control and heated seats.

It’s not the last word in technology, the analogue dials are pretty old-fashioned and everyone inside looks fairly basic. But top spec cars do get a touchscreen infotainment system with sat nav Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In 2018 Suzuki can no longer pitch the Jimny as a one-trick pony. The Suzuki Jimny 4×4 needs to be as capable on the road as it is off-road.

Suzuki Jimny Dimensions

Length3,300 mm
Width1,475 mm
Height1,715 mm
Wheelbase2,250 mm
suzuki jimny review
Maruti Suzuki Jimny Review in Detail

Suzuki Jimny Features

Here are five features design to help it rough it off road. Unlike a normal car the Suzuki Jimny features –

Leader Frame Chassis
Off Road
Traction Control
Ground Clearance
Low Jimny

Leader Frame Chassis – It means that you have a strong structure which the wheels and suspension are hung off then the body goes on top. This provides lots of strength for when you’re off road but it does add to the weight. Still, Suzuki Jimny is one point three tons. So it’s still fairly light for a proper off-roader.

Off-Road – When you drive Suzuki Jimny normally you’ll probably just run it in rear wheel drive mode but it speeds them up to 60 miles an hour. You can also put it into four-wheel drive mode and then if you stop you can actually put it into four wheel drive low ratio mode for some proper off-road.

Traction Control – Just like back wheels the front wheels are joined by a rigid axle and that means that if you go over a bump lifting at the one wheel pushes the other one down so you can still touch the ground for traction.

Ground Clearance – Thanks to Suzuki for decent ground clearance. It has a good number for off-roader capabilities. So the approach angle at the front is 37 degrees the break over an angle which is between the middle is 28 degrees and the departure angle at the back is 49 degrees. Those numbers are better than you’ll get from a Jeep Wrangler.

Low Jimny – This low Jimny can break each wheel individually and that’s really handy. If you get into a situation when you’re off-roading and diagonal wheels are off the ground because what can happen is that the power would just be spin away through the wheels with no grip. The ones that do have grip don’t do anything. So the car actually breaks those spinning it’s it the power back. The wheels are on the ground to drive it forward.

Suzuki Jimny SUV

Suzuki Jimny has never sold in huge numbers. But there is an enduring appeal to the small looking SUV. Jimny comes down with its super cool retro styling or its unflappable off-road ability is for you to decide. But it’s market tastes change and people demand more from their cars does the mini 4×4 still have what it takes in a world dominated by SUV’s.

Suzuki Jimny india
Suzuki Jimny SUV

The 4th generation car has been most technologically advanced Jimny ever with the class-leading off-road ability and vastly improved on-road dynamics. Retaining its traditional ladder frame chassis for optimum off-road performance. The Suzuki Jimny distinguishes itself with its tough styling and functional interior. Its boxy body is slightly taller and wider than before but 30 millimetres shooter.

Suzuki Jimny 4×4

As this car is mainly about off-road prowess that is exactly where we’re going to start. We have tested Suzuki Jimny in the forest and let’s see how’s it better from the old one. All models come with grip pro 4WD and a low range gearbox. So you should know how to drive and on various modes when going off-road. At all difficult trails, it does fairly pretty well. So in a low range gearbox setting, you could hear the differential whining away ensuring you that it’s doing its best job.

Traction is pretty good, ground clearance is excellent and those shorter sharper approach and departure angles really do give it an edge when you go in tough conditions.

suzuki jimny 4x4
Suzuki Jimny 4×4 Images

Current owners will be surprised and some disappointed to hear that the Suzuki Jimny has a few new technology tricks up its sleeve. The latest Suzuki Jimny is loaded with more kit than ever in fact including dual sensor break support, lane departure warning and traffic sign recognition despite getting six airbags are standard. Gyro Cup recently awarded the car a disappointing three-star crash test verdict.

So the new Suzuki Jimny has a Hill hold which will hold the car for up to seven seconds on the breaks. So when you lift off and start, it pulls away remarkably efficiently.

The Suzuki Jimny can be switched between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive at speed of up for 62 miles an hour. It must be stationary to engage the low range gearbox that ladder frame chassis is said to provide a solid base for the upgraded suspension components. It also helps to protect the body on, particularly rough surfaces. Additional strengthening has improved torsional rigidity but it’s still quite a unique car to drive.

Suzuki Jimny gebraucht

It’s quite funny actually because even on the smoother stuff you can still feel all the little ridges ripples and stones in the ground. This ultimately is a car reserved almost exclusively for off-roading and you’ll be interesting to see how it fares on the road.

Suzuki Jimny Rivals

It’s hard to pin down direct rivals for the new Suzuki Jimny but underneath it clearly has more in with a Jeep Wrangler. In reality, it’s pitched alongside more road bias crossovers like the Renault Kaptur, Hyundai Kona, Nissan Juke. Audibly it’s the closest competitor is the no-frills Dacia Duster. But that car can’t come close for retro appeal and desirability.

maruti Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki won’t mind if you draw comparisons between Jimny and G Wagon or even the Land Rover Defender.

Suzuki Jimny Price

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